About Us

Ninjas Models  is a modelling agency started by Supermodel Ninja Singh.

We represent all sorts of Talent , we believe that Modeling is an art form of inspiration.
We represent strong individuals as our journey as a company is to inspire people .

A model literally means perfection , something that we are trying to create for the society by introducing faces that have a story . We as a company believe in being the harbour of Talent who inspires the world to live life with purpose.

Our founder Ninja Singh is a strong Indian Woman and  she works to create many more like her . We believe in presenting our talent as a strong individual that they are.

We manage our talents  like any other celebrity ( sportsman , actors etc) . We believe in creating personalities who have positive influence on the society.

Our founder Ninja Singh believes in the diversity of the Indian culture and propagation of Diversity through the Talent we represent . We stand for people with purpose and we as a company want to help them  achieve their purpose , make this world a better place to live in .

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